I am a Computer Science major undergraduate.

I’ve been playing CTF since Nov 2019, and am interested in binary-releated topics.

As many CTF challs suck today, I am also interested in my unknown fields.

Like many Pwnable players transiting from CTF to realworld, I do some Linux kernel exploitation and very little browswer ones.

Because of my addiction to video games and a Chinese virtual idol group, the interested also extends to GameDev and Computer Graphics, though my Mathematics is not very good since grade 11.

I respect every field of CS, but Deep Learning is something human does not understand at the moment.


email: cWlzdTEzMzcoYSlnbWFpbA==

Old stuff

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Why ki not qi

Qi is pronounced as “chee” in Chinese, but lots of people say “ki”. I used to want to keep the blog private and not raped by the search engine. But now, whatever.